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Personal Training:

History is going to change … for you.

"We believe skill enhancement should be a process to learn more skills and abilities rather than repeating the same workouts over and over again.

You will see better results in your personal training because training sessions are used to mentor and guide you. With the proper focus on enhancing your skills rather than training fro a predetermined role, you will reach your goals faster and better equipped. Guaranteed.

Ball Handling, playing off penetration, moving without the ball, finishing, shooting, creating separation, footwork, and much, much more.

  1. Personal Training Workouts: Choose your trainer and get 4 workouts/month. ($200 Value)
  2. All-Around Checklist app: you will have access to a full library, the ability to track your progress, and get exclusive on going in app mentorship with your pro skill trainer. ($99 Value)
  3. Bonus: You'll get immediate access to the skill lab group format training classes 2x a week. ($155/month value)
  4. Your trainer will be in contact within 24hours to schedule you 1st personal training session.

All for $225

Meet Your Trainers


Tanner LeBaron

Tanner is a certified I'm Possible trainer and has been training with Lace 'Em Up since 2015. Over the last 3 years Tanner has become one of Lace 'Em Up's top trainers and has worked with professional, college, and youth players from all over the country.


  • Footwork & shooting form

Career Highlights:

  • Certified Trainer since 2014. I'm Possible Trainers conferences in Las Vegas NV & Grand Rapids MI. Trained at SkillsCase in New Jersey working with over 40 D1 recruits. Worked with Westminster's Joey Andrews

Favorite Skill:

  • Behind the back hand exchange to foot replacement shot

Mantra I live by:

  • Sometimes in life the only thing you can control is your attitude

Favorite Team/Player:

  • Kyrie Irving

Jake joined Lace 'Em Up in 2018 and is our Athletic Performance Specialist and a certified I'm Possible trainer. His innovative and creative approach within our training system gives players the physical and athletic development they need.


  • Certified 3 years. Worked with NBA/Fiba/D1/College/Youth players from around the world and all over the country.

Career Highlights:

  • Trained at SkillsCase in New Jersey working with over 40 D1 recruits. Rafael Montiero (Fiba Brazil) Carson Bischoff (D1 University Texas-Arlington)

Favorite Skill:

  • Med ball tap downs and Bounds

Mantra I live by:

  • "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard"

Favorite Team/Player:

  • Texas Longhorns/ Portland Trail Blazers. Kevin Durant/ Damian Lillard
IMG_1002 (1)(1)

Jake Tilton


Alrek Greenhalgh


  • speed stops, pull up jumper

Career Highlights:

  • Has trained with LEU since 2014.  Certified trainer since 2021. Works with BYU’s Hunter Erickson.


  • outgoing, great with kids

Favorite skill:

  • Drop push cross into a speed stop pull up jumper

Most used emoji:

  • 🤗

Hidden talent:

  • I have found a pineapple in every episode of psych

My kryptonite:

  • Dip n dots  

Mantra I live by:

  • If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.

Favorite team/ player:

  • Chicago bulls, Allen Iverson